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Price: Overnight

incall & outcall Overnight Starting time 1 am -8am
1am-8am7 hrs3 shot$380$480
1am-8am7 hrs2 shot$350$450
12am-8am8 hrs4 shot$480$580
12am-8am8 hrs3 shot$450$550
11pm-8am9 hrs5 shot$580$680
11pm-8am9 hrs4 shot$550$650
11pm-8am9 hrs3 shot$520$620
10pm-8am10 hrs6 shot$680$780
10pm-8am10 hrs5 shot$650$750
10pm-8am10 hrs4 shot$620$720
10pm-8am10 hrs3 shot$590$690
9pm-8am11 hrs7 shot$780$880
9pm-8am11 hrs6 shot$750$850
9pm-8am11 hrs5 shot$720$820
9pm-8am11 hrs4 shot$690$790
9pm-8am11 hrs3 shot$660$760
8pm-8am12 hrs8 shot$880$980
8pm-8am12 hrs7 shot$850$950
8pm-8am12 hrs6 shot$820$920
8pm-8am12 hrs5 shot$790$890
8pm-8am12 hrs4 shot$760$860
8pm-8am12 hrs3 shot$730$830
7pm-8am13 hrs9 shot$980$1080
7pm-8am13 hrs8 shot$950$1050
7pm-8am13 hrs7 shot$920$1020
7pm-8am13 hrs6 shot$890$980
7pm-8am13 hrs5 shot$860$960
7pm-8am13 hrs4 shot$830$930
7pm-8am13 hrs3 shot$800$900
6pm-8am14 hrs10 shot$1080$1180
6pm-8am14 hrs9 shot$1050$1150
6pm-8am14 hrs8 shot$1020$1120
6pm-8am14 hrs7 shot$990$1090
6pm-8am14 hrs6 shot$960$1060
6pm-8am14 hrs5 shot$930$1030
6pm-8am14 hrs4 shot$900$1000
5pm-8am15 hrs10 shot$1100$1200
4pm-8am16 hrs11 shot$1200$1300
3pm-8am17 hrs12 shot$1300$1400
2pm-8am18 hrs13 shot$1400$1500
1pm-8am19 hrs14 shot$1500$1600
12pm-8am20 hrs15 shot$1600$1700
11am-8am21 hrs16 shot$1700$1800
10am-8am22 hrs17 shot$1800$1900
9am-8am23 hrs18 shot$1900$2000
8am-8am24 hrs19 shot$2000$2100
incall & outcall Overnight If needed before the scheduled time, can buy additional time
How book Incall Specify below
      • • lady name
      • • Time & shot
      • • appointment time
      • • Area near you
How book outcall Specify below
      • • lady name
      • • Time & shot
      • • appointment time
      • • address, room number & elevator need key card
Reservation requirements
      • • (Outcall) $50 cancellation fee
      • • (Incall) Price Including rooms & condoms
      • • Pay before the service begins (accept only cash)
Discount promotion
      • • Saturday-Sunday All models $120/2shot/90min
      • • Monday-Friday all models, $10 discount
      • • Within 1 month the same phone number, come to use the service 6 times and the 7th time you pay only $ 100/2shot/90min
      • • Refer a friend and use the service at the same time. The referrer will get a $ 10 discount
Working hours
      • • Open from 8:00am - 4:00am
      • • Start Taking Orders From 7am
      • • Not every woman likes. Can change before the service starts
      • • Default service is not refundable
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